This magnificent and durable natural colored stone is unique to each slab. Quartzite resists UV radiation (meaning the colors remain unchanged); it is fire and heat resistant and is stain-resistant because of its low porosity. Though it is on the harder side of natural stone; its best to seal your quartzite at least once a year.


Quartz is an engineered stone made from the same crystals found in quartzite but undergoes a man-made process that binds the crystals with resin, pigments, and other materials such as glass. Quartz comes in a wide range of colors that are rich and luxurious. It is also resistant to stains and scratches.


Marble is a timeless and classic material that can be found in the oldest layers of the Earth’s crust. Though this unique stone is one of the most recognizable natural stones, no two slabs are alike. It has been used for some of the most important works of art in history which include the Washington Monument and the Taj Mahal. The veining is created in this crystallization process with sand, silt, and clay. There are some cautions when using this stone for your solid surface needs. It is not heat resistant, etches easily.


This visually appealing natural stone has always been a top selection for homeowners looking to improve the look and feel of their home surfaces. Granite is used in kitchens, outdoor barbecues, and bathrooms to bring extra appraise to your home. Not only is each slab unique, but it comes in hundreds of varieties and colors. Granite is known for its overall durability. It is a very hard surface to scratch, resists heat, and resists stains when properly sealed.



 This elegant natural stone, composed mainly of talc, has been around for ages. Many use it for the bread counters, or even chemistry lab countertops because of its durability. Soapstone does not absorb liquids and is chemically inert. The slabs generally come in a grey color with white or off-white veining. Most people oil their soapstone and let the oiling fade to a patina that takes on the function in their home.


Ultra-Compact Surfaces are a new generation of materials. They are man-made to replicate what Mother Nature has created over millions of years. Ultra-Compact Surfaces are composed of natural raw material, made without resin and are manufactured at extreme pressure and heat. This material includes the ability to withstand high heat, it doesn’t fade in UV light, and it is 100% non-porous. These features make a great choice for outdoors, shower surrounds and saunas. To make your countertop look thicker and have a continuous color flow, an eased edge is your only option for finished edge detail. This material is very hard, but can still chip easily on the edges. Overall, this versatile stone is great for many applications.

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