Extremely durable, no two slabs of this natural stone are the same. it resists UV radiation and is heat and stain-resistant. Quartzite is not limited to indoor projects; can be utilized for exterior projects due to its durability.


Engineered in a binding process that acts as a sealant, it is resistant to stains and scratches. Available in a wide variety of colors to enhance any surface. Most popularly used in kitchens and bathrooms.


Classy and elegant, Marble countertops will be the focal point of any room. Each slab has unique veining and appearance; has been used on historical monuments globally. Marble is ideal for interior residential and commercial flooring projects as well as fireplaces, kitchen and bathroom projects.


As unique as a thumbprint, no two slabs will ever look alike. Popular selection among home owners and available in many colors. Often used on kitchen and bathroom projects. Durable and resists heat, stains and scratching.



 This elegant natural stone, composed mainly of talc, has been around for ages. Many use it for the bread counters, or chemistry lab countertops because of its durability. Soapstone does not absorb liquids and is chemically inert. The slabs generally come in a grey color with white or off-white veining.


Ultra-Compact Surfaces is a new generation of materials.  Ultra-Compact Surfaces are composed of natural raw material, made without resin, and are manufactured at extreme pressure and heat. This material includes the ability to withstand high heat, it doesn’t fade in UV light, and it is 100% non-porous. These features make a great choice for outdoors, shower surrounds, and saunas.

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